grown up

My daughter is a woman now...

did it

Yesterday I dropped two toys in two different villages. It is an initiative of the Toy Society.
Hopefully the finders are going to drop a message on the blog.

And still a bit uncertain, but by the first of August I will have a downtown studio/ workroom/ shop with 5 other artists! Oh, I'm so excited! Later more!


dropped dog

I promiss: I'm going to do a toy drop one of these days, a program initialized by the Toy Society. Ah, such a magnificent and inspiring idea to make someone happy....



Do you wanna know what I've been working on? Take a look here, it's a project with Simone for Kindergarten.
And now I'm starting a new type of skirt, with unique printwork for the fashions shows next week!



This last weekends markets were a great success! Now back to work to prepare myself (and sew a lot!) for 2 fashion shows in Winsum (June 18) and Rotterdam (June 20), and expostion also in Rotterdam And after that Simone and I will be at the Sundaymarket in Amsterdam on June 21.


Paulo Coelho

I'm in the middle of this wonderful book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It's about a shepherds boy who travels the world to find his treasure. Along his journey he meets all kinds of wise men, and the relations are reflective bothways. The lessons learned here are universal and it makes me answer the questions for myself ... Do I really want to expand my business or can I be content with what I'm occupied right now and have achieved so far?
Today I will be at the art market in my hometown Winsum, and tomorrow in a hip craftymarket in Deventer.



In continuance on former topic; I did make an artwork with letters and text, but not in the appearance you might expect... Do you remember this?

in Braille....



Visual poetry by Ebon Heath. Very inspiring ! It made me realize again that I always have words and phrases chanting in my head. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by it as if the words are spoken by thousands of voices. A couple of years ago I took the time to write all these words down, just to see what was popping up in my mind. No art work like Heath's though...



The weather was fine, plenty of workshops to choose from, the atmosphere was great and the teachers and organisation even so. I really enjoyed Buitenkunst! I couldn't imagine how crowded it would be (over 800 I guess), we were camping like Bedouin. Nonetheless there was enough sense of space and calmness. I did some theatre and singing workshops, my kids dance and theatre and my husband did instrumental music workshops of which the results were performed in the evening in an open field in the woods. We'll sign up for next year, for sure!