I was moved to tears ... last Friday at the small but great livingroom concert by Bird in Winsum's synagogue. Their sound refers to a nostalgic longing.

Daan Kleijn trio

and the Daan Kleijn trio  at "te gast in Garnwerd" last Sunday made me smile ...  young guys and so incredibly talented!



Finished just in time...tomorrow an unexpected fotoshoot in my home...


Right after our quarrel and trying him to square with me, in a split second my husband fell of the ladder and hurt his leg badly...eight stiches in a 6 cm square (hook) and a huge bruise.....poor A....!
Making it up by playing nurse....



Richard Sarson merely uses colored pens and a compass to create these things. None of those fancy art sets or anything like that.
But I recently did buy myself one of those... it needs only a little practice, but a childhood dream come true :-)

More inspiration from a new book! You can buy it here.


weekend activity

 I'm preparing a Indonesian lunch (nasi goreng) with force 6 haha!

The girls poke fun at me while I'm prepraring lunch

We rented a sailboat from acquaintances so we had a cheerful family weekend at Whit Sunday (Dutch: Pinksteren) on the 'Lauwersmeer', which is so very near our hometown and so beautiful but there are never enough visits. (I have good intentions for really more visits to master sailing - my Love is the real sail Master here- and make sailtrips even to the Dutch isles!). No photos of the lake due to force 6 ...whahooo!



I know it's quite simple -  and I like to keep it simple, there's no fun in hard work for me now- but it gives me so much joy working with these colorful paper dots. 


Claudy Jongstra



We met Claudy Jongstra in her Frisian studio last Friday. A small group of designers were invited.
Claudy is an internationally acclaimed artist working with wool, silk and other natural fibers.  Her work has high tactility and special color qualities by means of the use of natural dyes of plants and herbs which they grow themselves.
It was great to see her work but even more inspiring is her gets inspiration from nature and the high respect and care for Mother Earth fully integrated in her growing company.