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I found...

...fabulous flowers in my favorite colour. They're called 'Craspedia'.

... a lovely summer dress in a fifties print and fine cotton by White Stuff.

 ... and a new place to live. Is this going to be our new home?


My very first selfmade screenprint! 
I attend an 8x evening course in 'het Grafisch Museum' in Groningen.

And some sketches for a new print. Sometimes I really can't make up my mind what to choose.



smoothie by Janneke

 in good company

attentively and slowly chew your homemade hummus on toasted bread in the morning (10.30 am)

enjoy the little things

create a (work)space for yourself in the living although it gets a litlle crowded over there

In daily life it's easy to slip into routines and habits that don't really support you. It makes me ill and dissatisfied....

How do you support yourself?

Dutch design

I bought this book about Hella Jongerius. And since I have a terrible cold for 2 weeks now and feeling a bit weak, I find myself some time to read this very much inspiring book! Only after turning a few pages I can't keep sitting still: I have to create something!
It contains beautiful graphic design ( by Irma Boom) and many detailed pictures. I love the colours Hella uses and her ideas on design and her work are represented in interviews with Louise Schouwenberg(sculptor and design critic).

After seeing the picture (first, above) I've decided to decorate my own shoes.... I don't know how yet...but I'll find out and show you the results when it's done.


stamp it

I made some new stamps and after hesitating for a while - there's no way back once you've stamped one! - I finally decided to stamp my scarf too.
Don't you just love the squared fabric? It's a remnant of my husband's shirt, which I cut into pieces (after asking permission, it' wasn't yet worn out you see :-) when I absolutely needed that particular grey colour!