expecting something

 Picture by Ana Ventura
Pregnant! Who, me? 
Nope... but Werkpost colleague Marjolein is! And her baby is expected in December.


first try

Since my workspace is at home do not work much. I am distracted by the computer which is too near in the living. Sitting behind the screen makes me really unhappy and discontent with myself and it clogs my creativity. So... no more screen for days! Except the screens to print fabrics! I wanted to give this a try for weeks.

This is my first try of a two colour image, printed on line. Previous work was one colour only (photo below print on vintage woolen blankets).

this photo is taken at the window but turned out a bit dark due to stormy weather today.

I feel so much better now....!



It's my husband's birthday today, hurray for his 44 years!
I promised him to make portrets of the girls and print them on canvas. I started too late with this assignment, no doubt. The major threshold difficulty was how to put the two girls in a picture in a representative way since they can't seem to act normally and are constantly making funny faces when they are the focus of your attention! So I ended up photographing them apart and doing a hell of a job of layman-photoshopping!
So I ended up with this....
and I started with this....

I can't see things clear anymore after hours of staring at the screen. What do you think of this result?
Comments are very welcome!


0 : 105


Grandmother is deceased (can you imagine? 105!!) ... and a girl was born next door.
Circle game....



Their webshop is open now!

I'm so very proud of my enterprising kids...
Yet I have never touched the topic of perseverence in such undertaking. I don't want to discourage them on forehand, neither do I want them to be disappointed afterwards....
So folks, please take a look and place an order...that'll make them AND me very happy!
There are some realy nice and very inexpensive earrings and bracelets!



At 10 a.m. we walk in the mist, at 10.30 the sun starts shining and at 4 p.m. I could do a little job (for the Diezijnleuk- crafty market by the end of Nov.) at the garden table in the full sun!! In what season are we?  
But I enjoy being more at home!



4th photo by brother Wim with iPhone plus special effects.

We had a nice weekend at my sister's and her lover.