feathered friends


You all probably know by now my deep love for feathered friends. I now can add a couple as my favorites: last year I met some new friends from Eindhoven,  a band called Bird. They stayed at our place last weekend for a musical festival in a village nearby. I feel so privileged to have these sweet people rehearse and play music in our living. This time they were playing for the occasion with bearded John of Green Pony  :)

Listen to some of Bird music here and if you like you can hear more plus buy a record here, so they can continue making more.

I love you Bardt and Janne! 


Cultural Sunday

Next Sunday July 1, Marjolein and me will be guest artitsts at the Cultural Sunday from 13h - 17h in Het Paleis in Groningen. You can find us in the workroom (no 166) of Petra Koonstra on the first floor.
We'll show, present and sell our ++Plustwee cushions. Following the theme of this Cultural Sunday (see flyer above) you can see us in action as we'll be actually really working and of course you may ask questions on the design and work process. We'll also bring some solowork of Van San and lamps of Marjolein Perin.


a gift



Wake up, it's party time! 
There's a nest of blackbirds in our hedge.



My WOL(k) cushions are for sale in the Walnut Mixstore since last May.

Annet de Vries's small Attention Cafe (Aandachtschenkerij) is opened soon! Read more on Annet's blog. I'm glad to help good friends with what I'm good at and like best: sewing (of course!), but also interior layout plans, decorating and colour advice. My experience in several architectural offices comes in handy.

And soon my own small shop online shall be opened as well! 
But it seems there are always things that come first: a new project for Dutch magazine '101woonideeën" in which sweet fabric- and textile paint-webshop owners decided to cooperate,  a ++Plustwee participation in the Cultural Sunday in het Paleis on July 1, and not in the last place family matters.
So please be patient, I'll keep you posted.



This is my brother Wim Jongedijk, who is filmmaker, photographer, scenario writer and director; his camera and all materials were stolen last week. Already in financial trouble (crisis!),  now he is also robbed of the Opportunity to earn money. I feel so sorry for him. If you know any work suitable for him, anything, please let me/him know.

These pictures were taken at his last 'performance' /try out in the Grand Theatre in Groningen. Wim made a movie for the (great!) band Sexton Creeps, which is also going to be part of the programming in the next Noorderzon Festival.

I love you brother, keep the spirit up.