I just wanted to show you some impressions of the necklaces I created with the pendants I made the other day. Some necklaces are a combination of vintage buttons and my hand made ones. 
I love the colours, they are so much ME! I used olive, dark emerald, teal, fluor yellow, pale salmon etc.
The necklaces are for sale for €19 each, regardless of the number of buttons/pendants on it, in our ECO popupstore and via mail. If you want I'll show or send you more detailed pictures.


The length is easy adjustable by the small button in your neck.




A couple of weeks ago I made a small collection of handmade buttons. I intended to use them for necklaces, and I did... but to my annoyance the buttons were hanging up side down all the time.

So today I made some new ones with only one hole, I should call them pendants now.
I used polymer clay, and mixed colors to create my own style and palette.

After baking them half an hour in the oven at 110 degrees Celcius I splash the pendants into ice cold water so they become real hard. 

The next step is to assemble the pendants with a cord and maybe vintage buttons or nice beads. I'll show you the results later. 
And for the ones who live close, I will sell the necklaces in our ECO pop-upstore.