on to 2010

Yes, we had great fun yesterday at Werkpost... (pictures by Siepsfabriek).

But always a bit unbalanced by the end of the year. My heart goes to a friend who is in hospital for breast cancer surgery.

I wish you all an inspiring, mindfull and healthy 2010!


white holiday

new homemade paper chandelier in the bedbox
Tiny nativity by Eva. She made it when she was 10.
Hopefully the snow will last. I love being outside now but also 'cosifying' the living is favourite lately.


happy 2

I'm very happy (and proud) too with the two publications in Dutch magazines!


I'm so happy with my new teapot; the print and colour matches my freshly painted kitchen. I found it for 1 euro 50 in the recycle store!
And I'm happy too with the Mibo Advent Calendar. I've hidden little notes and assignments for my kids behind some of the liitle doors like 'call someone you haven't spoken to for a long time' or 'what was difficult today' or 'present!'. The latter they like the most ...