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Color inspiration for my coming bag collection:

Yesterday I printed this and even printed on one of the shawls...a delicate job.


colorful cotton

New and for sale: cotton shawls! 
Lovely colorful and suitable for coming spring !
Features: 1 x 2 m.; pure cotton voile; € 11,50 ; a little bit stiff from starch but turns soft by use and rubbing.
Please mail me if you want to buy one or if you have any questions. Also available at Werkpost (opened Saturdays 10-17h).



Hmmm let's see..... Where shall I show and sell all those other things I make, the other material stuff?  The lampshades, the china /ceramics, the pictures of interior design projects etc?

I want to show more pictures, more atmosphere and more details. Maybe another blog.... or a web shop? Yesterday (too) late in the evening I fancied this, but I'm not sure yet.
Any suggestions?


birthday picker

Because it's her birthday she could do the picking of the give away winner. 
It's Else!
Else gefeliciteerd! Mail je mij je adresgegevens? Ik stuur de hartjes meteen naar je toe!


give away


Leave a comment (and your name)  and win these 3 soft door hangers. They are also nice decoration in the Christmas tree and with Eastern on a branch. 
I'll pick a winner on Thursday February 18th and let you know who it is on this blog!



Finished it today. I don't even have a bag of my own for myself! I think I'll keep this one for myself... or not ? I say that all the time when I like the end product. 
I work hard to produce more items beside all orders, but each and every one is a delivery and always takes a lot more time than I expect at the start.



The big green and grey plasticised cardboard is great for an on-your-belly sleigh ride!
On top of the dike near the Waddenzee, I realize how unique and wonderfully flat Holland is and I feel fortunate...



Stand still and listen...register what you hear around you.
Now take a couple of deep breaths and listen to your inner voice. Hear what is has to say.



I don't know why but I just starting thinking about the little goat we had when I was about 10 years old. He was the runt of the litter, so my mum took him home from my uncle's on one the Dutch islands. I loved his antics, smothered him to death and kissed his warm pale pink tiny haired lips. We fed him with the bottle till he was grown up and started to do his malehood behavings. Unfortunately our yard became too small for him, a farmer led him away to go and live amongst congeners.
Do I sense a desire for Spring here...?