Christmas interior

handmade lightballs
in the kitchen
 decoration with masking tape

(fimo clay) Nativity by Eva when she was 6


DIY angel

Today I bought a fantastic vintage book full of Christmas do it yourself (DIY) paper crafts. I cannot NOT share them with you. So here is my favourite one, the angel. Description in Dutch only, sorry! If you need help, just email me.
  1. Click on the pictures with the angel parts and save them in your computer. 
  2. Print the 2 pictures with the angel parts, preferably on somewhat thicker paper so the angel will get a bit more solid.
  3. You can read the instructions when you click on each picture, as it will pop up and the descriptions become larger. 
  4. Remember you can print as many angels you like.
  5. Send it to someone you love and tell him/her that he/she is your angel.
  6. Enjoy!




It's funny, some months ago I discovered a shop with lovely slippers. And I don't know how it works but suddenly I notice there's much to do about Collégien lately. (The same when you're pregnant, everybody seems to be pregnant.) I've seen it here and here and now here at Mikodesign. There's a give away at Mikodesign blog of Collégien slippers and if you send in a drawing or collage as well you'll have double chance of winning!
I've send this....

I did some photo editing and sketching on one of my own pictures from here.
And have you noticed the additional options for comments given below each post?
En heb je de extra opties onderaan elk bericht gezien om commentaar te geven?


practice for fun

Although I'm almost completely fed up with those retro vintage prints I used to work with when I started my business, there's one I still like. I bought a piece of turquoise curtain years and years ago in a thriftstore in Belgium or Maastricht, I can't remember exactly. In it was a rather goofy looking dog, but the rest of the animals looked so sweet; a goat, a cat and my favorite this lovely little deer.
Last night I was fooling around in Photoshop (read: practice, practice, practice) and I created this birthday card just for fun. Even the pattern background I designed myself.

I'll soon post some pictures of new fabric stuff (prints and products) I designed last week.

handmade birthday party inviation for my girl

new cabinet from the thriftstore

a stranger in the kitchen


wall paper

How I love this wallpaper from Minakani.
But the fact is that I much too cowardice to apply this in my house as I tend to get bored quite quickly. I like to to repaint my wall every two years or so and doing so over this precious wallpaper is a bit like throwing money down the drain.
My living room wall has had many colours already; starting with ordinary white, then mustard, dusty pink and the present dark greenish grey lasts the longest time. The 2nd picture is from Dos Family (nice blog!)

my favorite color




Thank you 101woonideeën (magazine) for posting my cards in your Christmas card countdown!
read more here

X-mas fair

I will be at a Christmas fair next Saturday in Winsum. I'm happy to show my newest stuff VanSan-new-style, with cushions and purses with my latest printwork.

Hopefully many visitors will find the way to our market, so that my charity fundraising is going to be a success.


friends, collegues and mothers


Annet, one of my colleagues, gave birth to a beautiful boy! Marjolein and I visited the newborn and brand new first time mother.
Megan also brought a lovely boy into this world recently, but I fotgot to take out my camera, so no pictures of that beauty.
Afterwards Marjolein and me spended some time in her freshly transformed workspace at her house, and we spoke and discussed her woolen lampshades with which she'll have a
breakthrough in the media; she will be featured in magazine Happinez in January and she recently did a huge interview for Seasons magazine which will be out in March. 
Pay attention to Marjolein Perin, she's a rising star!

Essie and Bill

Essie Jain
nostalgic, delicate and feminine

This one's my favorite drive-the-car-music : Bill Frisell

And I picked up Spotify, nice!