Here's my newest prototype; a personal alphabet with the letters of your name - or any name or word you like - in colour. I really appreciate your frank opinion on this: what do you think of the alphabet poster, do you like or not? And do you like the thing that you can decide what name or word you want?

Secondly I need some help on the decision whether I should produce the wide or the more dense alphabet poster, see the last 2 pictures (with the word 'bird').
here is mine - 'Sandra'

'bird' wide

'bird'  more dense
 So please express your choises and opinions frankly... I appreciate your help. Thank you!


(not) nice

Some things turn out nice and some things do not.
My happypippilongstocking-legging is nice, my 20-minutes-handmade little rucksack for citytrips is nice but the last prints with another kind of paint turned out not so nice...the print has been washed out   :-(


dutch design week 2011

Among many designers there were a couple of whom we shall hear more of.


Elke van der Berg's work was wonderful by color and expression, but she did not even show her most beautiful work, look here for more...

Jack Brandsma's seemingly simplicity is simply perfect...

Rick Tegelaar with 'Meshmatics', lampshades of squared chicken wire and paper maché.

And of course we went to see Piet Hein Eek's new 'factory-castle' (shop, showroom, workplace and restaurant)

In this last picture Eek shows what I advise everyone to do (check my other posts for inspiring home pics): many cushions in different (non)matching patterns and colors. It brightens up your room and mood! 
You can order my cushions handprinted or of marketbought fabrics but always custom made, by sending me an email. I'm an expert in pattern and color combinations fully put together to your liking :-) But you can also buy my cushions at Noordelijk Talent in Groningen, who participate at the Dutch Design Week too!


daily doodle


Since I want to improve my drawing skills, I frequently will post a drawing in this blog. The subjects will come from daily life: shoppings, stuff from the home, details of anything, that kind of things.
As kick off I post three today.
For later Daily Doodle posts, please click on the Daily Doodle-picture in the menu on the right. 



ik verlang naar

Waar ik naar verlang vandaag
een frisse zomerjurk te dragen
met blote schouders, een uitgesneden
hals en rug en vooral goed
los om de heupen

waarmee ik dan de tuin in loop
de zon schijnt warm, maar de wind
houdt het draaglijk en brengt
de jurk in beweging en dan

ben jij er natuurlijk ook die
de jurk al even mooi vindt en samen
trekken we hem uit en hangen hem
aan een tak

en liggen te kijken in het gras naar
zo'n frisse zomerjurk in een boom, daar
verlang ik het meest naar vandaag.

(dichter: Jo Govaerts)

first draft

the substrate is also nice now    
the actual print on dotted fabric

on paper the print becomes too 'bold'
shared workspace... always a mess
I still need some practice of course and the fact that I do not have the right equipment at home for screenprinting makes it a bit difficult to make immaculate prints...but I'm content (again) with these first drafts.



oops!! an accidental incision, so a cover-up was needed here
I made an apron ​​to enjoy further messing with screenprints...


I love...

...the cushion covers from Thirtyfive Flowers ...

...the corny chrysanthemum which stays fresh for weeks...

 ...my kid who loves someone else...

...my breakfast, the mega muesli container with Dorset cereals and the self-decorated bowl...



washing out the screen filler

I had to hold up the screen for the others to see and teacher Hennie explains :-)

in the arts center

My very first real screens were made with a huge exposure apparatus... I'm happy and proud. I can't wait to see the print results, can you?


house spotting

There is one couple so enthusiastic about our house, so it might be sold before we know it....
Today we went for a walk in the woods near Groningen and afterwards we drove through several city neighbourhoods. Where are we going to move? Also I'm leafing through design and interior magazines and surfing the internet with whole different eyes and fantasizing (romanticizing) about our new but unknown place. I would love to have one of these rugs from Loom.