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'Plustwee' is the name of our newborn partnership of Marjolein Perin and me. 
Since a year or so I wanted to co-work with Marjolein and after seeing my newest designs in printing, my colour combinations she finally said yes! Kick off!

House of Design asked us to participate in the Ontmoetdesign in the Wonen&Co fair in March, from 15th till 18th in Groningen. I felt a bit honoured, so we agreed to join as it is an excellent opportunity to  present our first handmade + + products.

We're working hard... and I'm happy!!   1+1= plustwee

Some more pictures here.



Monday give away

Monday= Moonday....the best day of the week for women.

I give ALL (6) Happy Period Purses* and (2) pencil cases from previous handmade Van San collections away so you're chances are high of getting one.
I will randomly pick 8 names at noon on Moonday March 5.
The HPPs and pencil cases will also be given away randomly.

What do you have to do?
> Sign in on my blog (become follower of this blog, just push the "join this site"-button)  AND  leave a reaction at this blog post so I'll know you're there.
> Those who already are (registered) follower of this blog may leave a reaction

Spread the word!

* HPP= a purse just big enough to store a couple of sanitary pads and tampons clean and discretely in your bag. Of course you can use the HPP for any other purpose. Most purses have different front and back fabrics and some of them have a hand-cut print.

ps.  haha I just noticed the blue bookcover next to the vase, it says "We and Nature". Matches perfectly with the topic (HPP/moonday)!




It was great fun and so nice to be in the company of fellow worker Marjolein. We are

planning to create a co-collection and are asking ourselves it we need a name for this cooperation.
We have not decide yet but we think it's going to be something simple like  because it's such an asset and a value to work together.



awarded twice

Last week my blog was rewarded the Liebster Blog (favorite blog) Award TWICE!
One award was given by Nelleke of Langius Design and the second by Stephanie of Interieur-Coosje. I'm happy and grateful for it, thank you ladies!

Now I may pass The Liebster Blog Award to 5 other blogs.
I found it a difficult job to select five (and sometimes you don't know how much followers it has*) so I decided to select merely on Inspiration: on their Work, Techniques and used Colours, Subjects and Compostions, the Way they look at things shown in their pictures etc.
(in random order):

My top 5 blogs:

Joanna Rutter
Tsk Tsk 
Anja Mulder
Marjolein Perin 

You may pay the tribute forward, girls!

*The award is given to blogs with less than 200 followers.
If you receive such an award:
- you thank the one who gave you the award by posting a link
- you give the award on to five other blogs (and you let tim know by a comment on their blog)
- you hope that the award will be passed by to other ones



Clouds are gathering in my studio. I've used the pattern so frequently since 2009 I had to strengthen the thumbed edges with tape. These cloud cushions the yellow one's already sold but can be made again - are called WOL(k) and are for sale.
One WOL(k) cushion measures aprox. 30 x 50 cm and cost €65.