It almost feels like someone has died a little... look here (click).
It's empty there. 
Everything is at home, it's crowded here.



Once in a while I receive delicious homemade jam of Janneke.  
After finishing it I give her back the empty jars and now with some handprinted stickers and a small shopping bag.


home is where the art is

My daughters (11 and 14) are diligently working - like the spider outside on eyelevel- on their own handmade jewelry webshop "Kraaloogjes". 
How I love them embarking on such venture.
And then considering that I may not have a down-town workshop anymore ... so where will my art be? 



Nice reading, picture, art and sketch books!
One inspires me how to live more 'green', two books teach me how to be a child again, one tells a nice story and shows gorgeous and plain illustration techniques, one shows me how to make vintage household 'equipments' and one shows me how lowbrow little craft look wonderfully fresh and enticing. But all books' illustrations/pictures and graphic design are fantastic!



I found some card stock and paper which I store in one huge drawer ( a feast to skim through). Yesterday evening I made these hand stitched notebooks with some plain white and brown paper, squared and tracing-paper.



Remember this ?
Finally the bedbox is renovated and redecorated! And now it looks like this.