Being this my first Swap and all I still have to find out some things...
so girl-swappers, would you all be so kind to send me an email (info at van san dot nl) with your name and address?! Everyone gets something!

and if you'd like some hints on 'I like/unlike' just read on a bit...

I like.... pieces of patterned paper, brown paper with white prints, notebooks and stationery, red robin, blue tit and swallow, stamps and other handmade things, hollyhocks and cornflower, colours: ochre, coffee latte brown (the brown paper sort of colour), white, greyblue, greygreen, pink, letters and numbers, hand knit or crochet softies/cuddles, (books on interior- ) design, furniture and arts, Uppercase, Camilla Engman, abstract or geometric vintage fabrics from the 50s and 60s (Lucienne Day, Marion Mahler e.g.), walking in meadows and woods, Joni Mitchell, Elle Wonen magazine, mango and apple....

I dislike... glossy magazines, blingbling, socker, loud and unexpected noises, the Lief! and Blond Amsterdam brand stuff, Ariadne at Home style, artificial flavouring and colorants, injustice and intolerance, pork... 



I delivered one of my stools yesterday in a nice home of a sweet woman and an affectionate deaf (loud screaming) cat. I was allowed to take some pictures with the attention to use them for press photography. But the stools are difficult to photograph, the legs always look weird in perspective.... and I am looking for a concrete floor for the shoot...Anyone in the neighborhood with such a floor?

I made me a business card holder yesterday. It is a big improvement on my old one which was a small plastic envelope... 

My favorite drinking glass. I only have one and I hunt down every thrift store or flea market for more of these.



* untill next Tuesday March 1.

Of somethings you can't get enough, but of somethings you have too much. Fabrics for instance. I am a fabric junkie.. or at least I was. Some fabrics I use, some I love, some I have just for having, some I dislike now but loved it when I bought it. But most of them just lie there and do nothing...and I do nothing too lately. 

I'd like to swap the fabrics from the first picture, if there's one or two you like please leave a message here. Maybe you have something you'd like to trade? If you don't, that's fine too. Maybe some other time...or not, that's all right.
I hope I can make you happy!

And I also have tons of nice decorative trims and laces and stuff...that'll be for some other swap later.

Did you miss last year's issue of 101 Woonideeen in which my house, my work and family is portrayed and do you want to learn more about my domesticity...well...click here to Bloesem blog...


DT > NT > DA

Last weekend was great... and busy... but great!
I was preparing my livingroom for the concert and Pop-Up Gallery for days. For the Gallery I wanted all personal belongings out of sight (which is a lot! And you'll only find out when you start cleaning out things) so it wouldn't distract from Megan's, Annet's and my handmade stuff. So... open cabinets were covered with lace and makeshift doors, I dusted the windowsills for a change, removed Bruinis (our floor cowhide), Marjolein and I installed her lamps and window frameworks - which was very nice to work a bit together again. (I really miss our workshop Werkpost, since I crave for collaboration).

Day time:

Night time:
We had 25 guests who'd come to listen to 'Port of Call' (Pieter van Vliet: singer songwriter, age 21! He's a real talent!) and Serbian duo 'Mesta'. Afterwards there was a jam session with Pieter, Jaap (neighbor, friend and organizer of this concert) and my husband Albert.

Day after:

A complete make over in the living, we've never had such a nice shop! Visitors who had attended the concert and turned up the day after were all surprised by the different look of the living.
Annet and Megan turn out to be excellent cake bakers: carrotcake, chocolate cake with vanilla icing, muffins, apple pie.... yummie! Our visitors enjoyed Annet's Attention-tea and the sweets. Our products were scrutinized and well sold. 
We have plans to keep on doing Pop-Up Galleries. So if you have a nice living, hall or big barn or some other more or less empty space (shop/office); please contact one of us. We are open to community and collaboration in arts.

More pictures from Annet on her blog!


(Art snack by Yvette van der Aa)

Literally: What do you have?
meaning ... what are you capable of?  ...

Well... eh... sewing, nagging, admiring...

thinking (a lot)...(too much), gardening ...
...crying (a lot lately), creating (too little), dancing, sobbing....
Stools and braille study (letters) by me.


thrift store

A nice vintage find from 1965 "de Kukelhaan" with rhymes of Paul Biegel.
The style of these drawings (by Czech Adolf Zabransky) gives me some sort of wobbly stomache ache...

And these old learn to read textbooks, I found them where my roots are .. bought to pollish my language...

... an old Tupperware pump, an enamel bowl, a sportsbag which after 2 days and nights in the open air still doesn't smell nice... 

... and a sewing utensil which I'd like to use for another purpose...





Here is a preview of my newest item: wool stool. I'm excited about it! It looks great and it is a nice sit: it keeps your butt warm :-)

First possible show and buy within two weeks in our Pop-Up Gallery (see post below) on January 15 in my home.
I'll put them in my shop afterwards, and maybe they'll even be made to order. 
And if you are interested already, you can always contact me of course!