sold out

 the last one

Sold out already (completely, except one) due to huge success on the 'het Mooiste zit vanbinnen' charity bags!
Please have patience because I'm sewing more! They'll be in my shop next week!
You can preorder by sending me a mail. After finishing them I'll send you pictures of the bags before I update my site.
I feel gratitude. Thank you all for supporting this project and the YASAP foundation!


I bought this grand work of illustrator Tineke Meirink.

And I just noticed that I'm mentioned/featured at Bloesem !


things II

Don't forget tomorrow's craft market in Groningen (see post below) with 70 stalls full of handmade wares. 
I'll bring my new project charity bags and some new paper stuff, which are now for sale in my shop.

And still 5 more days to sign up for this give away!


the colours of 'Beauty'

 picture 1
picture 2

 picture 3

picture 4

picture 5

picture 6

Referring to the previous post, these are the colours of the  charity bags which 'most beautiful part is on the inside'. A narrow strip at the bottom in the pics show the inside (and obviously the right) side of the fabric.
If you like to order a bag please mention in your mail the picture number and whether it is the Right or Left you want and name your price! All ! the money goes to the YASAP foundation.
Thank you!

By the way I send a message to Brecht, the founder of YASAP and she was very surprised, overwhelmed and pleased by this idea. She said this all is so me :-)


beauty II

Beauty is only skin deep: that's my new charity project !

You can get a one of kind and unique hand sewn shopping bag  and the best thing is that you can decide how much you want to pay for it!  The full 100% proceeds goes to charity foundation YASAP. And by sticking this bag with you every time you go shopping you can refuse the plastic bags offered to you at the cash desk, so you lower your environmental imprint as well!  Doesn't that give you a beautiful feeling inside?   
I've sewn a couple of shopping bags of recycled fabrics. I've applied the fabric inside out which matches the (slightly altered) "beauty" saying on the front.

The YASAP foundation was founded 10 years ago by my friend and Indonesian teacher Mrs Brecht Gerbrandy, she's a wonderful go-getter and I appreciate her so much for what she has achieved so far. She has focused on the empowerment of women in Kupang on Timor (Indonesia) and the YASAP staff takes care of children whose parents are too poor to send them to school. So these kids stay at the YASAP children's home 'Ceria' where they can get daily meals and education in the nursery.
Next year me and my family will be visiting the Yasap foundation in Kupang to muck in and meet the Indonesian staff and children.


There are 14 items in stock and after that the bags are made to order. You can now order a bag by sending me an e-mail. Please mention in the mail: how much you want to donate for one (or more) bags and what kind of colour you prefer, your name and address and whether you want to be updated on the project's yields.

Thank you for ordering!
Maybe you have become inspired and if you have some great plans and ideas to share and/or participate in this project, please let me know! The more, the merrier, the more powerful.


gloves on

Oh yes, this picture looks way too sunny because snow is coming soon!
Next week I'll be joining other Dutch designers, crafters and artists for a chilly but heartwarming pre-Christmas and Sinterklaas market in Groningen on Sunday November 28. (It'll be Sunday shopping too).
We'll also be giving kids workshops with fellow workers from Grun(n)Gemaakt and Werkpost. Hope to see you there!

Information here.

And I'm always busy prior to a market even though I agreed with myself not to:
* finish one bag
* sowing 3 more WOL(k) cushions
* designing 3 more baskets
* create a display clarifying my new 'charity bags' project: 'het Mooiste zit vanbinnen'
* ensure that we have (nice handmade) lights during the market day
* ensure that we have enough awning to protect our goods and bums from snow and wind!
* etc etc
And I've sold this lighthouse lamp, so now it's time for me to create another...I enjoy this so much because it has nothing to do with fabric...



New paper garland; I unsolicited cut his 40 year old comic book into flags, he was even very happy with it! Small paper flags like these are now for sale in my shop. They are very nice to hang in the window or to decorate a chair for a birthday boy.

And don't forget the give away! You can still sign in until December 1. More information here.



New and for sale here!

Handprinted stickers from hand carved stamps and some nostalgic prints from primary school from the 70s, the "boom roos vis" learning method.
They are nice to create a personalized gift, to mark your agenda or to pimp your homemade jam jars.


play time

The courageous spacewoman Broacha, interplanetary explorer extraordinaire, lands on yet another bizarre planet!

Oh no! That's not our yard outside! It's ...it's a CAGE! We are trapped in a lab and they're trying to get me to imprint on my own species before they return me to the wild!
(today's sintmaarten treat)


at home


 from old granny's home

composite lamp

I love carpentry (the step)



Vrije tijd... even lekker bladeren....
(spare time: reading a magazine/browse = een blad lezen/bladeren, I think there's no good translation for this) Oh there is, Megan says: leafing through a book.


give away

Until December 1st you can sign in by leaving a reaction/comment, or a mail to me at info@vansan.nl for this Sinterklaas give away !
The give away closes at 20.00h December 1. I'll immediately do a blogpost to announce the winner. (only EU, sorry!) You may forward this blogpost to friends and others who might be interested in this book. Enjoy!

It's a craft book by Amanda Blake Horne called "Handmade Home". It contains 33 nice craftprojects made by reusing and repurposing materials and all items offer a practical use in your home.



Remember this earlier this year in February? Our home and my work was explicit and detailed in national magazine '101 Woonideeen'! 
To my big surprise I noticed something familiar in this here:
I'm feeling very happy about it ! Thank you, 101 (Annemarie, Kim, Monique and Ernie!)