open house tour

I proudly present that I'm mentioned in B kids and Bloesem, the blogs of Irene Hoofs in Kuala Lumpur. Pictures made by Simone. Look here, she is also very proud!

And I'm off for a vacation, but I have great news when I get home! Something about a shop and new stuff, and people and work and space and such...



A morning in the garden...enjoy time.


I had my last choir singing rehearsal last night. We went for a goodbye drink afterwards and missed the bus back home. So I called my husband if he could come and pick me up. He did, reluctantly though. As atonement he made me promiss that I do some cooking myself during the vacation (after reading my blog yesterday)....darling.



Home made camping gear....with plastic on top for the husband who stirs in the pan too eagerly...

It's almost summer vacation!