I'm packing the car and camping gear for a family weekend at Buitenkunst. It's a pilot try, for Buitenkunst as well as our new tent. A whole weekend full of workshops on acting, singing, dancing, painting, writing, music etc. Even for the youngest ones there is a program. Later I will share my findings and pictures.



Found these funny fabrics on a Japanese website, and I would like to buy them but I can't read a thing. Help!



Old-fashioned but beautiful and still lively practised handicrafts during 'Textieldagen' in Verhildersum estate in Leens.


art of living fair

Way up north, in Zandeweer, there's the annual fair and festival 'Art of Living', located at the beautiful estate Eissingeheem . These last pictures are of work of Kunsteboer. He recycles iron for the creation of his artworks.


tie technique

Most often tie-techniques are applied for dying fabrics. I did it different. Can you guess how?



Made this for Guusje. Do you recognize the fabric?

psss....it's my 12th wedding anniversary....



I'm jubilant! I'm about to have an interview in the Open House Tour column on well-read blog 'Bloesem Kids' ! So if you want to know what my home looks like (with beautiful pictures taken by Simone), and learn more about me and my family, stay posted because I'm busy answering all Irene's questions! In the meantime visit her other blog Bloesem .



How do you transform hideous animals into acceptable if not beautiful sweet creatures?

Daphne Louter did it ... (detail of her nice work). I found her here.
And I tried it too once, detail of my work ...



On blogs to me it seems that everybody shows a perfectly sunny world, how beautiful things are, what one inspires etc. Today I'm a bit recalicitrant and I show you the real world after being at work all the time and not being a perfect mother and housewife....
I guess I need a break. So tonight I go out with my family and see the Dutch musical version of High School Musical.


in the market

My bags are to be seen several shops as a preview prior to the 'artmarket' in my hometown on June 6. They are in a supermarket for biological foodproducts and in 2 shops for ladies clothing.


camera deficiency

Picture update!

I had a lovely birthday. Regrettably I had no time to sew a new skirt (will do so later)... but I was spoiled with drawings and a huge cut-out cardboard birthdaycake from my children and a new pocketsize digital camera, hurray! And now I am home alone (the kids stay at my mother's), my husband took the (old) camera during his sailing weekend and I can't manage to download any pictures from my new camera!

I was busy the past few days stamping shirts, sewing 3-in-1 playkits (jugglingballs, also suitable for throwing cans, a sack for marbles), going through my closets picking out toys, clothes and shoes to sell on the 'Queensday market' April 30.

Did you follow the news; the man that attempted to attack the Dutch royal family in Apeldoorn on Queensday, making many (civilian) victims.... So sad.