old and new

Being fascinated by the (knitted plastic) package material of onions (or potatoes?), I made a pencil case out of it. (I stamped a ribbon with some black dots). It's big enough for several notebooks for writing and sketches during my next journey. I hope I get 'Wreck this Journal" by Keri Smith for my birthday. So I'll bring along glue and color pens as well.
The postcards on the small medicine cabinets I got them from a friend. They're too nice to use or send! From Jessica Nielsen.



This is where I'll be going within a couple of weeks. I'm leaving on April 18 with my sister in her tiny  (old) camper.
We'll be away for 3 weeks of which the last couple of days I'll be fully on my own.
In those days I imagine myself with a herd of goats in the Portugese mountains...hmmmm. I've been searching the internet for a goat farmer (vrouw zoekt boer :-) ....

If anyone has tips on any subject - places to stay, to see, to do and don't - please let me know!



My cloud cushions WOL(k) are featured at the StyleCookie
I'm very happy about that! Nice picture, thanks! 


Wiesje Wasbeer (racoon) was born and Spring was born. You see the tiny young fresh green leaves?
I am still at work! Since the decision was taken to close the shop, I start with the things I have long wanted to do for myself. Sowing a cardigan,  and Wiesje,  a new bag for myself, stamping a lot etc.... I enjoy it! And I also enjoy the garden view when I'm at my high working table in the living (I bought a lovely secondhand vintage high stool from a woman who recognized me from a magazine publication, can you image? !) while I'm working in the sun!
And the deliveries from the shop continue...thank you all!



Sale is going fast! There are still some products left in my shop.
Please be sure to order them this month. The shop will be closed at April 1.

The reactions of people who have received their packages are heartwarming. Thank you all for your kind words.
Deep down I sense a little eagerness to carry on the whole business... maybe later...

Did you notice the sun is out?



SALE in my Van San online shop during the month of March.
The shop will be closed from April 1.

I go on a Journey
and abroad,
to See what's in me
and to Sort out what needs to go

Thanks for your confidence and interest. My creativity is unstopable and endless so I'll probably find some (other) way expression. 
I will continue blogging!