the door's open

First day we're OPEN!
We've been working hard to fill the shop with our handmade lamps, bags and other textile products, nice ceramic stuff found at the recycle shop and gave it a funny twist, lovely books and airy paper animals from Japan etc etc.
And we were interviewed and photographed for the regional newspaper! We had many many visitors, so a great start!
And live music by husband Albert and his companion Digmon: DNA- music in your genes.
And see here the Werkpost blog.



Nice crafty market (September 20th) with Tineke Meirink in a stall on a car less (car free?) Sunday...
A good solution for a car free world? ...burn them!


Annoyed beauty in new handprinted shirt.



Homemade candle holders and my mum when she was 18...

oh and that cow... well yes, I was at a farm yesterday...very near to a couple of hundred majestic cows while they were being milked. I wished I could stay there all day; observing them and listening to them. But the farmer stood in the way. So I offered to help him at the farm one day as an excuse to be near them. I told him I always greet the ladies in the field when I cycle to work. And then he looked at me with a glazed look as if I was mad or joking.



They fight, they play, they nag, they conspire, they hate...they laugh!


Next saturday 12th September I will be at the arts market in Bedum.
Sunday 20th September at the craftymarket in Amsterdam.


invitation to opening

Invitation to the opening of our shop at Werkpost. You can hardly read it. It says:

Opening 27 september 2009
10.00 - 18.00 hrs
WERKPOSTWINKEL, Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 50-52, Groningen.

My colleques: Marjolein Perin, Siepsfabriek, Angelique Ypma, Studio Eigen.

That day it's also Open Design Day in Groningen.