I missed them during the winter. There are always three or four of them in my garden, but this one was too severe so they left as well. Today I heard them, my little pals....

birds and picture Made by Joel. Refreshing male in female blogworld....



'How to be an explorer of the world, portable art life museum'
by Keri Smith. Exploration #43 by Marjolein and me. I definitely want this book for my birthday (end of April) but I don't think I can wait that long.

Keri's shop here and blog here.



Although Van San sales are going great, I need to take some time off from work. So I won't be sewing new stuff anymore, for now, just a little while. I need to rest, to plan and think about my business and maybe take some actions.

I still love to sow! But I take so much care in designing, detailing, strenght and sturdyness in my products, I spent too many hours on each, so my business is not that profitable.
So what's next....?

I want to have some time to experiment on and using other new materials in order to play a bit and create silly meaningless objects rather than producing purposefull bags and skirts and purses and trying to behave like a businesswoman.

Homo ludens...

I'll keep you posted of course!


vintage game

I was thrilled to retrieve 2 games I used to have as a child, because I love the colours and collage style. A vintage memorie play and a game called jumbo lotto. I have some framed for my wall. 


jupe 81

Message pour K. Varissamy;
mes messages e-mail ne sont pas distribuables a votre adresse. Probablement votre espace sur le serveur est plein? Svp virer le montant (€ 65,16 pour la jupe et frais d'envoi) dû sur mon compte par Internet. Pour faire cela vous aurez besoin d’un, ce qu’on appelle, code IBAN ou code BIC de ma banque : voir "contact" dans ma site.
Je tiens à obtenir votre adresse pour envoyer le petit paquet. Merci et mes excuses pour cet avis public.