bye bye

I'll be away for 3 weeks on a vacation in the Picos de Europa (Spain) and in Portugal (north)...
Have a nice Springtime too; try to get away from your computer, catch some sun...see you later !



I am looking forward to meeting one of my blog followers in Portugal within two weeks,  Graça Paz!
I just emailed her and she wrote back enthusiastically...
that simple...
global village...


attention 2

Yesterday I got a present from Marjolein with the nicest cover :-)...  a cd from Devotchka.
Thank you so much, dear.


 I just got mail. 

Super, touching...
truly a wonderful gift. 

You sure know how to pay attention...


past perfect


I've sewn:

193 bags (totes, handbags, slings)
104 skirts (for women and little girls)
59 happy period purses
42 pencils cases/purses
10 birthday buntings
57 cushions 
8 small children bags
6 marbles sack
65 flowers (brooch or hair clip)
25 composite and/or printed shirts 
24 iPhone/camera holders 
37 baskets 
14 clothes pins hanging baskets
25 cuddles/softies 

approx. 3 dozen of shopping bags 'Het Mooiste zit Vanbinnen' (yielded €130,50) goes to charity, to the Yasap Foundation!!

I am grateful for what I learned the past few years, for the kind words, cheers and critical remarks from customers, friends, colleagues and family, for my successes and the mistakes I made.

Continous tense
And the best thing is ... it ain't over yet!
Now the remaining stuff from my shop is at the gallery/shop of artist Sarah Zoutewelle in Warfhuizen.
22 april t/m 7 mei  on Friday and Saturday 13.00 -16.30, 
and on Monday (1e Paasdag/Easter) till 16.00.
On week days it can also be opened after you call/mail her.
Next August we will be at the Noorderzon Perfoming Arts Festival for the second year.
and somewhere in between I'll launch an tiny Etsyshop or so...maybe...perhaps...or something...eh...yes.


The first preparations to the next performing arts Festival Noorderzon 2011.  A shop and shadow box co-production between Megan, Annet, Marjolein and me. Marieke deals with the children's workshops this year.



I like notebooks and have quite a collection. But I use only 3 for sketches and ideas for future projects so I won't forget them and to put them out of my mind.
These are my favorites. One with red squared carbonated and numbered paper (excite!!) and a inspiring triangular pattern. And one with a fine illustration by la Marelle en papier.
(By the way, who wants one of the carbonated notebooks? Let me know! I was over enthousiastic last Summer in France...who needs a dozen of the same? :-) I have three books of size 10x15 cm for €4 and only one which measures 21x15 cm for €6, including shipping in EU). 



The shop is closed. I enjoy the light - literally and figuratively. 
Now I'm wrapping up the old stuff that belong to having a business and after that the sheer joy of holiday preparations can start!  
My website is still online but with a totally different face and a small portfolio of last year's (or two) work. Have a look!

April 16th I'll join my sister in Amsterdam and then head to the South!




Watching a tomtit paying a visit to our birdhouse I was dreaming of a new place to live closer and amongst the feathered pals I came across this one... I love it!
This beauty is from Baumraum.

What great summer temperatures today!


mi casa es tu casa v.v.

With some people you feel at home... I love Ingrid and her place.
It's lovely to see that my work and my dear friend's work are used extensively.

*'table of content' by Jack Brandsma (hanging basket on the radiator by me :-)
*wool lampshade by Marjolein Perin
*custom made basket by me.