we're open!

We are in the park! Our cafe, shop and shadowbox are open every day from 16.00 - 22.30 h until Sunday August 28.
It looks great, again, like last year! Come and visit and taste the atmosphere!


vacation for some

While some have vacation, some work hard.
Here are some preview shots of my new work for the Noorderzonfestival shop... there will be a couple of DIY (do it yourself) products, an attempt to stimulate creativity  and encourage handicrafts.
And did you see the Grun(n) Gemaakt blog?

Wander Wasbeer : a diy cuddle

het mooiste zit vanbinnen-bags
A couple of weeks ago a woman emailed me to ask if I still had some of the "het Mooiste zit vanbinnen" bags (a handmade charity bag with the handprinted text meaning 'beauty is only skin deep' Look here). Since I had only a couple of bags left, she offered to help me with the production of some more.  We'd never reallly met before, but I was so surprised and enthousiastic about her offer. I feel so grateful and supported. So, there she was, last Wednesday and she even brought flowers from her garden...