clean laundry

I love green, so I bought this eco wash ball. Really a great invention: it lasts for 3 or 4 years laundries and no washing detergent or only 15 ml (the little white spoon) for very dirty laundry is required.  So no more endless rows of detergent bottles and polution of drinking water. In my opinion it should be stipulated by goverment...
If you buy the eco wash ball here even 10% of the profit goes to charity.



I turned forty when I was just out of the hospital so a really kicking seventies and eighties swinging party has not occurred yet, but maybe in this summer? We had a nice evening with lots of nostalgic music and plenty of wine fantasizing about the feast ...



Some more try outs and some new items for in my shop: very 'old fashioned' clothes-pegbags to hang onto your clothes-line because ... well ... who needs an automatic drier??



Endlessly inspired by Nature.
I did some machine embroidery because I was so fed up with all those retro and vintage print fabrics in my cupboard! I really would love to design my own prints... oh yes, I'll take screenprint and photoshop lesssons sometime!



Tomorrow they celebrate all primary schoolteacher's birthdays. My daughter thought it would be nice to give her favorite teacher a little purse by me, but SHE designed it and assembled the fabrics herself. She did a great job don't you think?



I know her work - I took a subscription to her PROEFabonnement - and I know she's a close friend of my close friend but I've never actually met her, but Yvette van der Aa called me to say she feels connected to me. We had a wonderful conversation on the phone.

I just received my first PROEFabonnement; suprising poems, handprinted pieces and a nostalgic clothespin 'to hang your clean thoughts'. To my surprise also colleque Annet de Vries is mentioned in it, whose work we have at Werkpost! Coincidence, conjunction or connection??