Sweet pea

A lovely and real good Teuntje * look - alike by illustrator Tineke Meirink. Thanks Tineke, me and the girls love it!
* our sweetpeatinyheadkitten


Try out

Hi there! It's been a while, I know. We've been on vacation in Italy and a lot has happened on the business side. Our Eco popupstore is still alive and kicking in the Zwanestraat in Groningen city! After the over-successful first few months we decided to prolong the opening of the shop till now. We have prodcuts of several Dutch designers like Elke van den Berg's wonderful pastel porcelain ceramics and the new Story Tiles which are a new and nostalgic tile concept. So please come and have a look!
I took me a while to understand and fully comprehend that my cell phone is actually more like a computer. I finally realized, just this instant that I could use my -still a bit of a stranger  - smartphone for publishing on my blog! ... Duh!
So this post is a try out. How do the pictures of my latest creative outburst look?
Hope to post more frequently from now on! See ya!