DIY: a wee decoration

 A wee paper decoration for bare indoor branches:

1. Assemble several nice pictures from the internet and turn them into black/white pictures in Photoshop. Crop the pictures if necessary. It is not necessary to photoshop/cut the shapes from its background as I did in the first picture, as you will cut along the edges later.

2. Flip/rotate each picture horizontally - so you'll have a back and front - and save each separately naming them birdA and birdB for instance.

3. Drag the black and white pictures into one new file. Be carefull not to overlap.

4. Then print

5. Cut the shapes roughly loose and put one front and back together, hold against the light to precise the lines. Put two or three small pieces of double sided tape between the front and back. 

6. Finally you carefully cut along the edges and pinch a hole with a needle somewhere in the top of each shape to attach a piece of fishing line.

If you have difficulties with Photoshop, you may ask me to mail you a file with pictures as shown above (1st pic) 



small fair

On the 10th of December I will be at a small Christmas fair* in Winsum.

I've come up with another charity event (do you remember this?).

This time I'll be collecting money for a volunteer organization de Helpende Hand (Helping Hand) which provides all kinds of support for the eldery, needy or invalid people of our hometown.

This organisation did a tremedous deal for a friend who was recovering from brain surgery as a remedy to Parkinson's in March. Six weeks later she fell down the stairs, she survived the fall but had her neck broken and she is still rehabilitaing. People of The Helping Hand are now doing her groceries, mowing the grass, are taking care of some financial issues etc.

So... in order to support this wonderfull organization I made several nice 'warm hearts' out of vintage Dutch woolen blankets which I'll be selling at the fair! The fair visitors themselves can set the price for their warm hearts.

Of course if you are willing to support my charity event to obtain one or more of the lovely hearts,  please leave a reaction so we can get in touch. I'll be happy to send you a warm heart before Christmas time. The hearts will look great in your Christmas tree!

* van 10-17uur in Het Jacobijnenhuis ligt op het hoogste punt van de Winsumer wierde.
   Hoek Hoofdstraat 27 W / Havenstraat 2, Winsum Gn


free Christmas cards

I've been working hard (but with pleasure) creating these Christmas cards and I'm happy to share these with you as a free download. And please forward the message.
So if you could use some greetings cards for the coming holidays, click on the PDF button (pink square) to download a printable PDF.

If you prefer ready-made printed cards for which you pay €1,95 for two (shipping included till 6 cards, for more than 6 you'll pay actual shipping costs by TNT), please contact me by mail.
I'm going to switch gears now... Merry Christmas everybody!


in the stars
Deze kaarten zijn gratis te downloaden. Ik heb ze met plezier en noeste arbeid voor je gemaaktEn zegt het voort!
Druk op het roze vierkantje om de PDF van de kaarten te downloaden.
Als je deze kaarten liever kant-en-klaar wilt ontvangen, mail me gerust, dan stuur ik je ze. Ze kosten €1,95 per twee en tot 6 kaarten zijn de verzendkosten gratis. Bij meer dan 6 betaal je het TNT tarief. 
Fijne kerstdagen!

Please respect my copyrights and use the cards for private use only.
Deze kaarten zijn alleen voor privegebruik bedoeld, niet voor (door)verkoop, dank!


in the net

Yesterday I printed on a fabulously coloured linen-cotton blend....so beautiful that I hesitate to make something out of it. Thus...in admiration I'll leave them on the table in front of me for a while :-)




I love Photoshop and every day I'm improving and I find out new trics to accomplish what I have in mind. What do you think of this Christmas card? Maybe this is something for 101Woonideeën?
Or something like this?



Here's a preview (a part of) of my newest design for the next screen print which I will be preparing in school tomorrow.
The design was partially drawn by hand, then scanned and edited in Photoshop. My husband is proud of me and he likes to call me an autodidactic nerd :-)


Do you remember this ? (the very last picture)
Now it's finally done! A subtle pattern of red dots on my favorite shoes....

And I painted something else ... a vintage glass vase seems to turn into ceramic....


I found a small spool of thread in the thriftstore


any thing

lantern making

Studio Job
Inspirational forms, textures and patterns.
By the way, the plastic cup things are excellent waterresistant Sintmaarten lanterns which have an atmospheric lighting. Attach the cups with staples and experiment a bit on the symmetry and the heights. You can decorate it with permanent markers if you like and punch a whole in one of the middle cups to lead through the little (electric !!) light. Success guaranteed!



One of the most touching, original and renewing blogs I've seen in long while is the Minsterie van Ontroerende zaken of Auk Russchen (this Ministry of Moving Moments is part of the Ministery of Marvel founded by Yvette van der Aa). 
Auk is very unrestricted and creative in her images and language. (Unfortunately google gives a horrid translation of all this beauty, but maybe you can get a glimpse).

In a while I may call myself Executive Minister of Imprints, Image and Elaboration, or something like that... :-)