on the set

Last autumn Wim asked me to be setdresser and costumedesigner for one of his films.That was really great fun to do! I made a costume of woolen blankets for Muus (Wim's son and professional actor, age 11). I bought almost 300 bottles of water as requisites, dragged those half a mile from the car over bumpy terrain. We set the tables with blankets, the bottles and dried bouquets. Dimitri and I filled buckets and jerrycans with water to flood the actors (Wendela de Vries (artist) alsmost froze to death, while Muus was a real hero here!). While filming I looked over Wim's shoulder, to see what the camera saw, and then I ran across the set to put the requisites, the lights and costumes in the exact right position. It was a great experience, hopefully with follow-up. Wim uses the filmed material as an outline for a longer film. More pictures here.

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