Back to English again, otherwise many people won't understand a thing I'm writing about. I realize my English needs improvement and I apologize to those who are native English speakers. Please correct me on mistakes...

One of my best friends is one of my best customers. Whenever she needs a birthdaypresent or a new summeroutfit she comes to ask me to sew something (thanks 'Inkie' !) Many times she brings along some piece of cloth; an old curtain from her childhood or her 'worn out' shirt. Last week I made a hip schoolbag out of a seventies baby sleeping bag for almost 4 year old Evi. I love those commissions !
In 5 days it'll be my birthday. Shall I make myself a new birthday skirt?

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  1. Hoi Sandra
    Via Siepsfabriek ben ik bij jou terecht gekomen.
    Leuke spullen maak je, ik ga even verder neuzelen.