Although Van San sales are going great, I need to take some time off from work. So I won't be sewing new stuff anymore, for now, just a little while. I need to rest, to plan and think about my business and maybe take some actions.

I still love to sow! But I take so much care in designing, detailing, strenght and sturdyness in my products, I spent too many hours on each, so my business is not that profitable.
So what's next....?

I want to have some time to experiment on and using other new materials in order to play a bit and create silly meaningless objects rather than producing purposefull bags and skirts and purses and trying to behave like a businesswoman.

Homo ludens...

I'll keep you posted of course!

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  1. De strijd van een creativeling, maar wel altijd een lastige.... Ik ben benieuwd waar je experimenten je gaan brengen.