stars and green

The girls and I decorated the Christmas tree with shiny balls (some of which are realy old - with a characteristic dent in the middle) and handmade stuff of the kids of ages ago. Afterwards we sat down to admire our tree, but the three of us didn't enjoy it so much. What was wrong? We decided to decorate it all over again. This time with the new handmade thingies like the Warm Hearts of woolen blankets and the crochet flowers... We sat down and now it was perfect, a nice mix of today and of what used to be...


  1. Heel erg mooi, knap van de meiden. Nog geen tijd gehad en mijn jongens wachten rustig af tot ik in actie kom!
    grt, Helmi

  2. Helemaal leuk die zelf gemaakte hartjes!

  3. 'k Vind de ster met tape SUPER!