beauty II

Beauty is only skin deep: that's my new charity project !

You can get a one of kind and unique hand sewn shopping bag  and the best thing is that you can decide how much you want to pay for it!  The full 100% proceeds goes to charity foundation YASAP. And by sticking this bag with you every time you go shopping you can refuse the plastic bags offered to you at the cash desk, so you lower your environmental imprint as well!  Doesn't that give you a beautiful feeling inside?   
I've sewn a couple of shopping bags of recycled fabrics. I've applied the fabric inside out which matches the (slightly altered) "beauty" saying on the front.

The YASAP foundation was founded 10 years ago by my friend and Indonesian teacher Mrs Brecht Gerbrandy, she's a wonderful go-getter and I appreciate her so much for what she has achieved so far. She has focused on the empowerment of women in Kupang on Timor (Indonesia) and the YASAP staff takes care of children whose parents are too poor to send them to school. So these kids stay at the YASAP children's home 'Ceria' where they can get daily meals and education in the nursery.
Next year me and my family will be visiting the Yasap foundation in Kupang to muck in and meet the Indonesian staff and children.


There are 14 items in stock and after that the bags are made to order. You can now order a bag by sending me an e-mail. Please mention in the mail: how much you want to donate for one (or more) bags and what kind of colour you prefer, your name and address and whether you want to be updated on the project's yields.

Thank you for ordering!
Maybe you have become inspired and if you have some great plans and ideas to share and/or participate in this project, please let me know! The more, the merrier, the more powerful.


  1. vouw vouw vouw
    heel M*O*O*I & helder geworden
    zie je nou?!

  2. ja, gewoon doooorgaan! thanx

  3. Mooi!!!Van binnen én buiten!!!

  4. ik vind het prachtig, zowel het project als deze tas!

  5. @MUS: Ja, ze zijn prachtig en krachtig door eenvoud, vindt je niet? Dank!