DIY: a wee decoration

 A wee paper decoration for bare indoor branches:

1. Assemble several nice pictures from the internet and turn them into black/white pictures in Photoshop. Crop the pictures if necessary. It is not necessary to photoshop/cut the shapes from its background as I did in the first picture, as you will cut along the edges later.

2. Flip/rotate each picture horizontally - so you'll have a back and front - and save each separately naming them birdA and birdB for instance.

3. Drag the black and white pictures into one new file. Be carefull not to overlap.

4. Then print

5. Cut the shapes roughly loose and put one front and back together, hold against the light to precise the lines. Put two or three small pieces of double sided tape between the front and back. 

6. Finally you carefully cut along the edges and pinch a hole with a needle somewhere in the top of each shape to attach a piece of fishing line.

If you have difficulties with Photoshop, you may ask me to mail you a file with pictures as shown above (1st pic) 


  1. cool idea. They look really great!

  2. Wat heb je dit mooi gemaakt!