awarded twice

Last week my blog was rewarded the Liebster Blog (favorite blog) Award TWICE!
One award was given by Nelleke of Langius Design and the second by Stephanie of Interieur-Coosje. I'm happy and grateful for it, thank you ladies!

Now I may pass The Liebster Blog Award to 5 other blogs.
I found it a difficult job to select five (and sometimes you don't know how much followers it has*) so I decided to select merely on Inspiration: on their Work, Techniques and used Colours, Subjects and Compostions, the Way they look at things shown in their pictures etc.
(in random order):

My top 5 blogs:

Joanna Rutter
Tsk Tsk 
Anja Mulder
Marjolein Perin 

You may pay the tribute forward, girls!

*The award is given to blogs with less than 200 followers.
If you receive such an award:
- you thank the one who gave you the award by posting a link
- you give the award on to five other blogs (and you let tim know by a comment on their blog)
- you hope that the award will be passed by to other ones

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