Emily Barletta, thread and paper

How does it work, inspiration?
I came across this wonderful work of Emily Barletta. She and I independently came more or less to the same forms.

Dutch sand and woods
my sketches

My form came from studies from Dutch landscape pictures while searching and finding patterns for my ++PLUSTWEE designs. Where did Emily's inspiration come from? Probably not Dutch landscapes?! I think that it's great to have different inspirational sources and end up with more or less the same. It's morphogenetic consciousness or as we say 'it's in the air'...

above: radiolarian, a deep see life form
Of course, these forms are NOT NEW as they are derived from who we are and what we consist of...   which are cells! Cells and especially the deep oceanic life forms interest me a lot lately. I want to make a few screens with cellular forms for printing.

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