holiday activities

do you see my daughter dancing in her gown?  :)

I never take much time to sew myself something new, but now I've managed to make me a sweet fluffy cotton summer dress out of a vintage duvet cover with red and (fluo) pink details.

My girls are already free from (secondary) school, so they are helping me out
.... doing last minute dinner shoppings and preparing meals....
 "Would you buy a few cans of tomato paste?" They return with this + six which I've already in the pan :)
fresh biological beans

.... making fine and healthy fruit smoothies enjoyed in pyjamas in the morning sun

.... they're having a girlfriends camping in our jungle, which I thougth was a top experience when I was their age (well a bit younger), did you?

...and they both are on to the next grade so we rewarded them with a Wii Just Dance game, which my husband and I find very amusing too :)

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