It's my husband's birthday today, hurray for his 44 years!
I promised him to make portrets of the girls and print them on canvas. I started too late with this assignment, no doubt. The major threshold difficulty was how to put the two girls in a picture in a representative way since they can't seem to act normally and are constantly making funny faces when they are the focus of your attention! So I ended up photographing them apart and doing a hell of a job of layman-photoshopping!
So I ended up with this....
and I started with this....

I can't see things clear anymore after hours of staring at the screen. What do you think of this result?
Comments are very welcome!


  1. that's an interesting challenge! (for you anyway, but also for the audiance to react).
    i think you came to a very nice and special result.
    i like the color which is a bit artistic and still natural. and i like the smiling look of both.
    a bit pity that the head of the big one has to be cut, but i see that the original is already so. and the stick in the hands of the small one, but that on the other hand may add something to the composition and play in the photo.
    i hope i didn't confuse you more than you are.
    it's nice and will be beautiful as a picture.
    happy birthday!

  2. Hurray !
    This makes me very happy and proud
    Cheers Albert

  3. Ik vind dat je er een mooie foto van hebt gemaakt, de kleur is geweldig!
    Maar ik zou ze geloof ik iets dichter bij elkaar zetten.