At 10 a.m. we walk in the mist, at 10.30 the sun starts shining and at 4 p.m. I could do a little job (for the Diezijnleuk- crafty market by the end of Nov.) at the garden table in the full sun!! In what season are we?  
But I enjoy being more at home!


  1. hello sandra,
    I like the stuff on the last foto, don't even know how to name it...
    bordüren/borten in german. I used to collect them, but I dont even know how to sew. so I stick them on lampscreens or around the sofa...
    what I want to say is that I realy enjoy visiting your blog and I thought its time to say hello.
    have a nice day, julia

  2. Well, hello to you too, Julia!