past perfect


I've sewn:

193 bags (totes, handbags, slings)
104 skirts (for women and little girls)
59 happy period purses
42 pencils cases/purses
10 birthday buntings
57 cushions 
8 small children bags
6 marbles sack
65 flowers (brooch or hair clip)
25 composite and/or printed shirts 
24 iPhone/camera holders 
37 baskets 
14 clothes pins hanging baskets
25 cuddles/softies 

approx. 3 dozen of shopping bags 'Het Mooiste zit Vanbinnen' (yielded €130,50) goes to charity, to the Yasap Foundation!!

I am grateful for what I learned the past few years, for the kind words, cheers and critical remarks from customers, friends, colleagues and family, for my successes and the mistakes I made.

Continous tense
And the best thing is ... it ain't over yet!
Now the remaining stuff from my shop is at the gallery/shop of artist Sarah Zoutewelle in Warfhuizen.
22 april t/m 7 mei  on Friday and Saturday 13.00 -16.30, 
and on Monday (1e Paasdag/Easter) till 16.00.
On week days it can also be opened after you call/mail her.
Next August we will be at the Noorderzon Perfoming Arts Festival for the second year.
and somewhere in between I'll launch an tiny Etsyshop or so...maybe...perhaps...or something...eh...yes.


  1. Wat een vlijt. Die boekjes zien er ook erg leuk uit.

  2. Ik vind jouw stijl zooo geweldig mooi! Ik vind t zo knap van je, je bent een geweldige kunstenares Sandra, echt heel gaaf!