I like notebooks and have quite a collection. But I use only 3 for sketches and ideas for future projects so I won't forget them and to put them out of my mind.
These are my favorites. One with red squared carbonated and numbered paper (excite!!) and a inspiring triangular pattern. And one with a fine illustration by la Marelle en papier.
(By the way, who wants one of the carbonated notebooks? Let me know! I was over enthousiastic last Summer in France...who needs a dozen of the same? :-) I have three books of size 10x15 cm for €4 and only one which measures 21x15 cm for €6, including shipping in EU). 


  1. Oooh leuk die met die driehoekjes! Notitieboekjes heb je nooit genoeg :)

  2. Je notebooks are heel erg cute! Ik weet zeker dat je zelf wel kwijt zal raken.