Here's my newest prototype; a personal alphabet with the letters of your name - or any name or word you like - in colour. I really appreciate your frank opinion on this: what do you think of the alphabet poster, do you like or not? And do you like the thing that you can decide what name or word you want?

Secondly I need some help on the decision whether I should produce the wide or the more dense alphabet poster, see the last 2 pictures (with the word 'bird').
here is mine - 'Sandra'

'bird' wide

'bird'  more dense
 So please express your choises and opinions frankly... I appreciate your help. Thank you!


  1. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Really like your site and now it is time for my first respond. Because I love everything with letters and birds.

    I prefer the wide bird with the colour blue you used in the second print.

  2. Ik vind het een erg leuk idee! Ik vind de bird wide het mooist. Ik ben alleen benieuwd hoe je het op gaat lossen als er dubbele letters in een naam/woord voor komen.
    Fijn weekend!