dutch design week 2011

Among many designers there were a couple of whom we shall hear more of.


Elke van der Berg's work was wonderful by color and expression, but she did not even show her most beautiful work, look here for more...

Jack Brandsma's seemingly simplicity is simply perfect...

Rick Tegelaar with 'Meshmatics', lampshades of squared chicken wire and paper maché.

And of course we went to see Piet Hein Eek's new 'factory-castle' (shop, showroom, workplace and restaurant)

In this last picture Eek shows what I advise everyone to do (check my other posts for inspiring home pics): many cushions in different (non)matching patterns and colors. It brightens up your room and mood! 
You can order my cushions handprinted or of marketbought fabrics but always custom made, by sending me an email. I'm an expert in pattern and color combinations fully put together to your liking :-) But you can also buy my cushions at Noordelijk Talent in Groningen, who participate at the Dutch Design Week too!

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