Flow nr1, 2013,  p83  click to read

My S'WARM stools are featured in this month's Dutch magazine FLOW
Out of enthusiasm and gratitude stool orders are shipped free of charge* within the Netherlands in January and February. I'm happy to inform you on different colours and patterns.
* free shipping for package up to 10 kg.

And another feature!
Our ++ Plustwee cushions are in an inspirational artbook which shows the great diversity of textiles "Textiel Leeft" by Ellen Bakker. The book is available in Dutch, German and English here and in my ECO pop-upstore in Groningen (only Dutch version). I still have to take a good picture of our page, will post that later.

smiling ... gleaming....

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  1. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Sandra, geweldig leuk!
    Mooie reclame in een mooi boek!
    Gr Fien