(un)lucky buys


Some unlucky purchases in 4 weeks were these two (!) pairs of very expensive boots. The first one looked very promising but after one week I already sensed that we were not a merry couple. I like them still but I decided to buy another pair of a brand I have good experiences with, so I bought a pair of black ones in the same size as my oldies, unfortunately it appears suddenly my feet have grown or sagged :(  I give the latter another chance, they are on the draw-bench at the cobbler's, but the brown ones have to leave the house. Is anyone interested? They are size 39,  dark brown Panama Jack.

On the other hand...
I made 3 lucky buys from the thrift store in 2 weeks time and they were extremely inexpensive (!)  : green leather boots for only €10 - I chopped the shaft off so they weigh much less and fit even better, plus a new grey woolen upholstered twoseater for €15 and two wonderful green cups and saucers....

... and again my inclination and idealism is confirmed that expensive shopping is just no fun...


  1. Ik word ook zo blij van tweedehands!

  2. De groene botjes zijn super, uw interieur trouwens ook

  3. Wat een super gave finds zeg!! Vooral die bank, wauw...voor zo'n klein prijsje. Ik struin regelmatig kringloopwinkels en rommelmarkten af voor mezelf en voor onze shop. Maar zo'n mooie bank heb ik nog niet gespot! Geniet ervan! :)

  4. wauw, tof om van die mooie groene schoenen te vinden bij de kringloop, bofkont! mag ik vragen van welk merk die zwarte zijn? die zijn heel gaaf!

  5. El Natura Lista, is het merk van de zwarte laarzen, ontiegelijk dikke zool, dus noooit koude voeten!

  6. Heerlijk bankje, zeg ik uit (zit)ervaring
    en mooi laarzen!