the colours of 'Beauty'

 picture 1
picture 2

 picture 3

picture 4

picture 5

picture 6

Referring to the previous post, these are the colours of the  charity bags which 'most beautiful part is on the inside'. A narrow strip at the bottom in the pics show the inside (and obviously the right) side of the fabric.
If you like to order a bag please mention in your mail the picture number and whether it is the Right or Left you want and name your price! All ! the money goes to the YASAP foundation.
Thank you!

By the way I send a message to Brecht, the founder of YASAP and she was very surprised, overwhelmed and pleased by this idea. She said this all is so me :-)


  1. ik wil graag een tas

  2. @Carla: dat is heel fijn! bedankt! Mail je me welke je wilt, dan kan ik je uitleggen hoe verder met betalen/verzenden.

  3. hoi sandra,

    …heb je ze nog deze fijne tassen?