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Oh yes, this picture looks way too sunny because snow is coming soon!
Next week I'll be joining other Dutch designers, crafters and artists for a chilly but heartwarming pre-Christmas and Sinterklaas market in Groningen on Sunday November 28. (It'll be Sunday shopping too).
We'll also be giving kids workshops with fellow workers from Grun(n)Gemaakt and Werkpost. Hope to see you there!

Information here.

And I'm always busy prior to a market even though I agreed with myself not to:
* finish one bag
* sowing 3 more WOL(k) cushions
* designing 3 more baskets
* create a display clarifying my new 'charity bags' project: 'het Mooiste zit vanbinnen'
* ensure that we have (nice handmade) lights during the market day
* ensure that we have enough awning to protect our goods and bums from snow and wind!
* etc etc
And I've sold this lighthouse lamp, so now it's time for me to create another...I enjoy this so much because it has nothing to do with fabric...

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