I delivered one of my stools yesterday in a nice home of a sweet woman and an affectionate deaf (loud screaming) cat. I was allowed to take some pictures with the attention to use them for press photography. But the stools are difficult to photograph, the legs always look weird in perspective.... and I am looking for a concrete floor for the shoot...Anyone in the neighborhood with such a floor?

I made me a business card holder yesterday. It is a big improvement on my old one which was a small plastic envelope... 

My favorite drinking glass. I only have one and I hunt down every thrift store or flea market for more of these.


  1. I love your stools and I lurrrrrv your kitty!

  2. Hee, bekende kat.
    Mooi krukken hoor, San!
    ~ Fijn weekend ~

  3. Wat een mooie oplossing voor je visitekaartjes!