there it is!

Again a cooperation with Megan (Frank & Gertrude) and Annet (Schenk aandacht)...and maybe even with Marjolein who recently has given birth. 
A concert on Friday January 14 and a shop in my home the next day on Saturday 15th. 
It is going to be nice!

To be honest there won't be too many bags on my part, I'm a bit tired of sowing those...BUT I'll show some completely new items I am (and my coworkers are too) very excited about  ...  stools! 
I'll lift the veil in a couple of days by posting some pictures. 

I hope to meet you in our Pop-Up Gallery!


  1. pop up galleries are popular here in Melbourne too. I think they are a fantastic idea until local councils step in to try and control them and make money from them. Hopefully not for a long while I love them they are so quirky and unexpected they really add flavour to the city.

  2. Wat een spannend avontuur! Succes!

  3. Heel veel succes. Ik ben benieuwd naar de foto's.
    grt, Helmi

  4. Wat een leuk idee Sandra! Ik zet het in de agenda!

  5. Anonymous12:04 AM

    It was a wonderful event. I was there in the morning and there were already several people and most bought something. What I love about this event is the way craft is being used to create community (collaborating with other artists) and to support each other in making new things and selling work.
    You get the feeling when you buy these gentle, made with love products that you are helping something fragile and important to grow and get stronger.
    I really like what you are doing, ladies, Annet, Sandra, and Megan (the ones I met there).
    love, Sarah

  6. @artcalling: thank you Sarah for your very kind words. And thank you of course for visiting the Pop-Up Gallery and my blog!