friends, collegues and mothers


Annet, one of my colleagues, gave birth to a beautiful boy! Marjolein and I visited the newborn and brand new first time mother.
Megan also brought a lovely boy into this world recently, but I fotgot to take out my camera, so no pictures of that beauty.
Afterwards Marjolein and me spended some time in her freshly transformed workspace at her house, and we spoke and discussed her woolen lampshades with which she'll have a
breakthrough in the media; she will be featured in magazine Happinez in January and she recently did a huge interview for Seasons magazine which will be out in March. 
Pay attention to Marjolein Perin, she's a rising star!


  1. Hi Sandra,
    You asked me for hints about Copenhagen. I'm quite busy this weekend, but I'll get back to you with some adresses, tips etc. within the next few days. Have a great weekend. Best regards, Heidi

  2. Thank you so much Heidi, I'm looking forward to it!
    Maybe you want to email me (via my website), because it's a bit more private?

  3. Wat leuk om te lezen en te zien! En wat super voor Marjolein!